What is “NIL” in college football?

A millionaire college athlete? Who could have imagined that varsity athletes could earn so much money while they are still in school?

After decades of debate over whether college athletes should be allowed to earn money, the NCAA has decided they are now allowed to do so.

As of July 1, 2021, college athletes have been allowed to earn money by their name, image and likeness, or “NONE” for short. This does not mean that universities and colleges will pay athletes. This means that athletes can now make money through sponsorship deals, jersey sales, etc.

Within hours of the rule’s formalization, varsity athletes across the country announced partnerships with local and national businesses.

Which NCAA Athletes Will Make The Most Money From NIL Offers?

This week, University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban said his future starting quarterback Bryce Young was closing more than $ 1 million in NIL partnership deals.

Young was quarterback Mac Jones’ replacement in 2020. Now that Jones is in the NFL, Young is set to be Crimson Tide’s starting quarterback this fall. Young hasn’t even taken a college football photo, but he’s already enjoying it, which is surprising given that many thought it would be the “big names” in college athletics who would get the NIL deals.

University of Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler has announced that he will donate some of the money he has earned in NIL partnerships to local charities. Rattler played two seasons with the Oklahoma Sooners and could make a lot of money with the audience and fan engagement that Oklahoma football receives.

University of Michigan freshman quarterback JJ McCarthy also said he would donate part of his NIL contracts to a children’s hospital.

An overview of some NIL partnerships

University of Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett announced on Twitter this week that he has signed a NIL partnership with the Oaklander Hotel’s “Spirits and Tales” restaurant and will host his dinner there. weekly offensive linemen.

While this is an example of an athlete partnership, the University of Michigan Athletics this week announced a partnership with “The M Den,” a sportswear store in Ann Arbor featuring Wolverines merchandise.

“The M Den” will now sell football shirts with the names and numbers of current players. Wolverines football players will now be paid quarterly on jersey sales, something they weren’t allowed to do before the NIL rules were announced.

Daily NIL Athlete Partnerships Announcements lead to the long conversation about whether Reggi Bush should receive his Heisman Trophy, because if the current NIL rules were in place while playing at USC he would have cashed in. millions of dollars.

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