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Dane Wagner, general manager and owner of the Butte’s Expedition League baseball team, the Mining City Tommyknockers, is pictured in the infield on Saturday at 3 Legends Stadium. Wagner is looking for host families for his players.

Meagan Thompson, the Montana Standard

It has been more than 20 years since Butte hosted a baseball team above the level of the American Legion. But this year, as they enjoy the crack of wood on the horse’s skin, the people of Mining City have the chance to show how hospitable they are.

The Butte Tommyknockers, the Expedition League team making their debut here, have one thing in common with the former Butte Copper Kings Pioneer League team: they depend on the Butte families to house players.

Overall, with players and interns, the Tommyknockers are looking for 40 Butte families to host the players, from a few weeks old until mid-August at the most.

Players don’t necessarily need their own bedroom – just a comfortable place to sleep, said Dane Wagner, owner and general manager of Tommyknockers.

“We do a lot of pre and post game meals for the players, but if the host families agree to open their kitchens to the players, or even provide them with meals, we would be very grateful,” said Wagner.

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Expedition League players are college students, and in other league franchises, host families have often formed long-term bonds with them.

“Last year in our team in Minot, ND, we had a host mom who cried in that last game,” said Wagner. “There is also a chance that these guys will come back to the squad for several years, and the chances that you will see them again next year are pretty high. Several players have sent Christmas presents to their host families, and vice versa.”

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