This MLB list proves the LA Angels are still in the spotlight despite a forgettable season

The LA Angels have had a season full of injuries this year, and we the fans weren’t happy with the outcome.

As fans, however, we stuck with this team and kept the same energy that we always had towards our players.

This team might have been frustrating to watch at times, but we still supported the players through it all. MLB jersey sales data confirms this.

The LA Angels are one of seven Majors teams with several players in the top 20 in jersey sales.

Both Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout make the top 20 in MLB jersey sales this year, proving the cornerstones of the LA Angels franchise still have mass appeal despite a sixth straight season of losses.

Ohtani ranked at number nine on the roster and Trout at number 13. Only five Major League teams have a better-selling jersey in their squad than Ohtani’s.

That makes sense, as Ohtani is a shoe for the AL MVP this season. He has been a worldwide sensation because he is also a former superstar in Japan.

As for the trout, I’m not too surprised either. I understand he has missed all but 36 games this year, but this is the same guy who was called the All-Star Game starter this season despite his injury. I already knew the respect he receives from the baseball community. I expected people to continue to pay tribute to him.

After all, he was having the best year of his career before he fell.

It makes me optimistic for next year. People buy these jerseys for a reason.

When Trout is healthy, we will have the two best baseball players on the field at the same time. When we make the playoffs, those sales will increase even more.

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