Rich Hill is responsible for the best trending topic in MLB history

Rays pitcher Rich Hill was responsible for a big time and even better Twitter thread based on his legendary nickname.

Rich Hill is an eternal wonder in the game of baseball. The 41-year-old is now with the Tampa Bay Rays and was responsible for a legendary trending topic on Twitter. All because of his incredible nickname.

MLB began the tradition of allowing players to wear nicknames on the back of their jerseys one weekend a year. Hill left with “D. Mountain ”in the past. If you want to put two and two together, it’s a game on its name.

Hill was launching Thursday night and the name of the mountain was all the rage. See for yourself why.

Rich Hill makes Twitter a trending NSFW topic

The nickname “Dick Mountain” is an all-time greats and the fact that he pitched a 69 miles per hour pitch ignited Twitter with the jokes.

The best part about it is imagining that non-baseball fans are seeing this Twitter trend. You almost have to click on it to see what exactly is going on and why so many people share this ridiculous name.

At first glance, there isn’t even any evidence that this is in fact a name. But leave it to a Twitter employee to provide the perfect explanation.

Hill, or Mountain, had a vintage night with 6.2 innings of work and nine strikeouts. The Rays clinched a 9-1 victory over the New York Yankees and broke the .500 mark.

But the most memorable part of the night is a Twitter trend that will hopefully reappear over and over again throughout the summer.

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