New York Jets set to pick linebacker on Day 2 of 2022 NFL Draft

With the Jets’ plans most likely boiling down to a combination of an edge rusher and wide receiver with the fourth and 10th picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, they can now focus on how to build the meat. of this list on day 2. In a class considered very medium heavy, with incredible depth outside of the top 15 or so, New York has a great chance to capitalize on its two second rounds (pick 35 and 38) and the 69th third-round pick.

One target area should undoubtedly be the linebacker room, a group that was extremely thin in 2022 and full of uncertainties outside of middle linebacker CJ Mosley. Quincy Williams, their projected starter at the weakside position, was solid in pass protection, but it doesn’t look like he’s to be relied upon as a tackler every time. There is a world in which two 2021 recruits, Hamsah Nasirildeen and Jamien Sherwood, have stood out in the second year of their new roles, but even then there must be insurance behind them.

Today we’re going to look at some of the best Day 2 games for New York at linebacker, but it’s important to note ahead of time what type of player Douglas and Saleh will surround. Long and fast linebackers are a must for this unit as they need the ability to cover sideline to sideline and play an important role in pass protection. It’s also why we’ve seen them take some of the more athletic safety prospects and move them closer to the line of scrimmage like with Nasirildeen and Sherwood.

Outside of their physical abilities, the Jets highly value experience, leadership and their love of the game. While I’m sure that’s not a defining factor for the front office, Douglas didn’t never been part of a newsroom that drafted redshirt sophomores, broadcast for those with at least three years of field experience. . Additionally, it is a front office that loves players who compete in Reese’s Senior Bowl and other draft-oriented bowling games, especially when the coaching staff has the opportunity to work with these players before draft day.

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Given all of that, let’s take a look at some of the names we might see on the back of Jets jerseys next season.

Wyoming LB Chad Muma tackle
Alabama linebacker Christian Harris in the national championship game
Georgia LB Quay Walker in the College Football Playoffs


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