NBA GM destroys Cleveland Cavaliers: “They could trade their entire squad for Ben Simmons and still be better than they were last season.”

Ben Simmons certainly has his faults. His biggest problem comes from the perimeter, a place where Simmons has struggled to hit shots throughout his career. Without any kind of ranged hit, it has become a handicap on offense, to the point where the Sixers are playing with a fairly significant disadvantage at this end of the field.

He also struggles with confidence, work ethic, and leadership, all of which have contributed to Simmons’ business value being practically nil.

Still, the guy has crazy talent and some teams really don’t have a reputation for turning down an opportunity to have him.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, for example, are apparently in the running to make a trade, though questions remain as to whether or not they should make the move.

Here is what Sam amico had to say about this in a recent article:

I have mixed feelings about Simmons on the Cavs. For one, he would immediately become their best player, an All-Star in a season in which Cleveland hosts the game. He is still young (25 years old) and under contract. He’s a great perimeter defender in a team that could use even a fair decent one.

And despite all the talk about his shooting, his career 56% rating is better than anyone else on the Cavs except Jarrett Allen. And Allen is a center. Simmons can play point guard, point forward and power forward.

So I assure you, Cavs fans would love Simmons and his jersey would be the best seller since LeBron James left. Cleveland would immediately become a playoff contender.

In the same post, Amico noted the words of a general manager, who advocated hard enough for the Cavs to trade for Ben:

And don’t shoot the messenger, but here’s the thought of a rival GM on the Cavs: “Honestly? They could trade their entire squad for Ben Simmons, be better than they were last season, and have a brighter future.

Either way, the Cavs have a decision to make. Are they giving up their young core to pull the trigger on a deal, or do they roll with what they have until someone better shows up?

We will know soon enough what they decide to do.

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