Mainland regional high school MLB draft prospect can throw fastball

LINWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) – It’s not often a full section of bleachers during a high school baseball game that’s packed with Major League Baseball scouts. Then again, it’s not often a player coming up that throws a 102 mph fastball.

“I don’t know how to describe it other than you have to sit there to see what it looks like, it’s special,” says Mainland High School head coach Billy Kern.

And the same goes for Chase Petty: a senior right-hander at the school in Linwood, NJ.

He is the 23rd ranked prospect in the country with a real chance of becoming a first-round draft pick in July.

“I couldn’t tell you a time in my life that wasn’t my dream,” Petty told Action News. “I remember I was in 1st, 2nd year, everyone was like, ‘What is your dream job? “It’s always been to be in MLB. It’s always been a dream.”

The last Cape Atlantic League player to make the first round was Mike Trout, who was drafted 27th overall in 2009.

Petty, grew up in Millville, Trout’s hometown.

“He’s someone I’ve always admired, so now being compared and being from the same place as him is so crazy. At the same time, I just want to be my own self and don’t want to be compared. to anyone. I just wanna be known as Chase Petty. “

Each time Petty throws, 40 to 50 scouts time her every move. Last week against Millville, Trout’s former high school, he threw a hit, striking out 18, while adding a two-run home run.

“When he reaches back and throws the ball, it really explodes on our receiver,” Kern said.

In fact, their catcher has to wear a special pad inside their glove and ends each game with a bruised hand.

“Yeah, he’s usually swollen. He likes it when he doesn’t catch up with me, but when he is, he’s not too much of a fan of me,” Chase laughs.

Which begs the question, would Petty be able to make up his mind?

“I don’t think so, honestly. I mean, ah maybe, I don’t think so to be honest,” he laughs.

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