Letters to the Editor – July 20, 2021

The Question: Kyle Smith’s column on the prevalence of the race theme in sport, entertainment and elsewhere.

Where do we turn to escape (“Go for Woke,” Kyle Smith, July 17)?

Or maybe the best question is: how can I explain this to my 6 year old when even his shows and channels are bombarded with alarm clock?

Is this what we were to expect when the stressful pandemic finally subsided? Talk about crossing the finish line only to get tripped right after.

It won’t stop until the leaders of those companies, leagues, etc. will not start to think correctly. Maybe the drop in sales or ratings will be a much needed motivation.

Joe salvatore

Point Blue

Kyle Smith’s compelling read of how “waking” thought has infected all of American life leaves little hope that the NFL and other professional leagues will know how to break free from their downward spiral.

The 2019-20 NBA Playoffs took place entirely in the Orlando bubble, with Black Lives Matter decorating the floor and players wearing “Freedom” jerseys.

However, “Free Hong Kong” was initially not allowed on jerseys made in the official store.

Jay taikeff


A more precise title would have been “going bankrupt”, since that is where this nation is heading by feeding this calamitous ideology, based on false pretexts.

All of this is not in the best interest of the nation. To weaken and “wake up” our military and brainwash innocent school children to feel guilty for being born white is disgusting to see.

Making white Americans feel that being white is a handicap and making black Americans feel that they are perpetually oppressed, inferior, and in need of reparations and other remedies, is both foolish and insulting.

Bankrupting America – morally, militarily and financially – will doom the United States as we know it.

Mike Pedano

South Farmingdale

As usual, Kyle Smith hit the nail on the head.

And here’s an idea for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who is considering allowing uniforms to be adorned with the names of victims of police shootings.

For the start of the season, put the names of players arrested for domestic violence, possession of firearms, drug distribution and any other crimes these athletes managed to be involved in on the back of each jersey on match day .

Jake mcnicholas

White stone

I would like to make a recommendation to Goodell, who is an advocate for revival policies in the NFL

Goodell has served as Commissioner since 2006 and has earned an exorbitant amount of money during his tenure, exceeding $ 40 million annually.

If his passion for support awakened in the NFL runs so deep, he should immediately cede his post to a minority candidate to exemplify his unprecedented solidarity.

A most deserving candidate would be the incredibly accomplished Condoleezza Rice, known to have a fervent admiration for football and who has expressed interest in the position.

Why do I think such a proposal would be a nightmare for Goodell, for his real passion is to accumulate more ungodly wealth?

Denis David

East Rockaway

Something very dangerous is happening in our society regarding race.

It wasn’t like that until the Socialists started to come out of the shadows after years of hiding in universities, waiting to pounce on society with their “awakened” propaganda.

If there’s one good thing that came out of COVID, it’s that parents were finally able to see what material their children were fed while they weren’t watching.

Leave me alone. I’m fed up, and I feel like I’m not alone.

Smith asks a really good question: why does everything have to be so racially toxic? Something is wrong when we back down as a country.

Brenda Keller

Toms River, New Jersey

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