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PARKERSBURG – Incidents involving the alleged battery of a medical worker, child neglect and a high-speed police chase have taken three people into custody over the weekend.

Last month David Clifton Adams, 50, 509 Buckeye St. Building A, Apt. 301, Parkersburg, was arrested on 42 counts of gratuitous endangerment with a firearm after firing shots inside his apartment building. He was arraigned over the weekend and also faces a battery charge from a healthcare worker, according to criminal complaints filed with the Wood County Magistrates’ Court.

On August 28, Adams was taken to WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center for medical clearance so he could be jailed for an unrelated incident, according to the complaint.

Law enforcement saw Adams “To grope” the victim woman between her legs using the palm of her right hand, according to the complaint. The victim, a nurse, walked away and told Adams not to touch her. She stood on the side of her bed and leaned over Adams’ abdomen to administer medical treatment, according to the complaint.

During this incident, Adams’ hands were handcuffed to the bed rails, according to the complaint. After that, Adams claimed that he “Trying to touch her belly” said the complaint.

Adams is charged with assaulting a health care worker and was being held at the North Central Regional Jail on $ 2,500 bail.

On Monday, officers responded to an incident of reckless driving, leading to the arrest of Michael Von Richards, 44, 1361 McGill Road, Vincent, according to the criminal complaint.

Richards was reported to be driving erratically on Interstate 77 South as two different people called to report the driving, according to the complaint.

The vehicle was seen rolling over the shoulder “Traveling at high speed almost hitting another vehicle on the shoulder for several seconds before swerving in the left lane and partially in the median” said the complaint.

Law enforcement attempted to stop the vehicle, but it turned 90 degrees and sank sideways into the median, according to the complaint.

The vehicle was traveling 90 miles per hour in a 70 mph speed limit zone and it continued at that speed for about 15 seconds before slowing down, but continued to deviate between the lanes, according to the complaint.

After the vehicle was pulled over, law enforcement met Richards, the driver, who underwent field sobriety tests, showing no signs of impairment. He claimed there was a problem with the car which caused the erratic steering, according to the complaint.

Richards said he was trying to avoid paying for a tow by driving the car to a store himself, according to the complaint.

He was also found with a handgun on him which he was unable to have in his possession due to several felony charges, including armed robbery, according to the complaint.

Earlier this summer, Richards was caught accelerating over Memorial Bridge and when the car was stopped Richards refused to get out of the car before turning it on and off at high speed, according to the complaint. .

Richards drove over 100 miles per hour turning right onto Braun Road in Belpre before continuing on Braun Road at over 80 miles per hour, according to the complaint. The officer lost sight of him and “At its discretion, terminated the prosecution due to danger to the public”, said the complaint.

Richards is charged with lack of insurance, reckless driving of a prohibited person with a gun and running away from an officer with a reckless gaze and was being held at the North Central Regional Jail.

Samantha E. Dickel, 30, 706 13th St., Parkersburg, was arraigned over the weekend after an incident on Aug. 19, according to magistrate files.

Officers were performing a warrant service and they came into contact with two young men who turned out to be “Extremely dirty, covered in grime and small insect bites”, said the complaint.

Conditions in the home were deemed unsanitary due to garbage, rotten food and dirty clothes and dishes, according to the complaint. A pipe used to smoke methamphetamine was also in the house where methamphetamine residue was suspected, according to the complaint.

One of Dickel’s three children, aged 8, 6 and 4, was questioned and said “Her bed had bedbugs and her pillow also had lice. (She) didn’t remember the last time she had observed (Dickel) cleaning the residence, doing the dishes or taking out the garbage from the residence ”, said the complaint.

Dickel is charged with neglecting a child with risk of injury and has been released on $ 1,500 bail.

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