Is the viral audio of an alleged Jen Shah robocall really the star of RHOSLC?

There have been juuust Some interest in the arrest of RHOSLC cast member Jen Shah on fraud charges earlier this week. Jen, the escape star of Salt lake city‘s first season, faces several federal charges claiming it was behind a robocall-based scam for years in which it tricked people into investing in shell companies.

In fact, information that has gone viral since Jen’s arrest is a potential robocall from Jen Shah. In the recording, a speaker whose voice sounds a bit like Jen’s leaves a vague message about paying off student loans.

Unfortunately for fans hoping for more salacious details of Jen’s alleged wrongdoing, the recording in question is not actually Jen’s.

Seems like this is just a case of fans running away with a (admittedly good) story. The recording first surfaced on the Real Housewives fan page @LaMaisonDeFemmes. The site captioned the recording with a long disclaimer explaining that the audio was not, in fact, Jen Shah trying to extort money from someone.

Here is the post in question. (And we have to point out that this is definitely a shady sounding call, so it’s understandable that this has gone viral!)

Nothing in the government charges against Jen mentions student loan debt as part of her alleged scheme. So the fact that the appeal is for student debt collection should have been a wake-up call.

Again, however, this voice really sounds like Jen! This is probably why the original audio was shared so quickly.

“This message was left on my personal mailbox of incessant callers about student loans, even though I don’t have one,” TheHouseofWives wrote alongside the original message.

“It’s not Jen Shah, just someone who looks like her,” the poster added. “I just thought the similarities were weird and posted as a joke because I know a lot of people who got these calls from scammers.”

Does Jen Shah work? What does she do for a living?

Jen Shah’s businesses are now seen as fronts for her alleged crimes. But, as we wrote in our article on Jen, they also seemed to bring in quite a bit of income for the Utah native.

At the time of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake Citythe world premiere of, Jen claimed to be the CEO of three independent businesses. The best known was JXA Fashion, for which Jen helped garner social media attention with her Joe Biden panel dress.

Jen’s second business was a makeup line called Shah Beauty. And besides that, there was Shah Lashes, his fashion specific business.

Due to Jen’s notoriety and outgoing nature, it was generally assumed that her businesses were successful and that she lived off it. But now everything about Jen’s lifestyle has come under intense scrutiny.

It looks like RHOSLC fans are about to get a much closer, very public look at Jen’s finances, thanks to the Department of Justice.

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