Is Marcos Maidana still wearing a tooth pendant of presumed knocked out Floyd Mayweather?

Five-division champion Floyd Mayweather is known for his inscrutable defensive boxing style. Thanks to this style, Mayweather finished his career in professional boxing without a single loss. However, there was a man named Marcos Maidana, who seriously injured him passing Mayweather’s defense.


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Argentinian boxer, Marcos Maidana, is one of the few fighters to have done some damage to ‘TBE’. Hence, this incident etched its way into the history books.


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Marcos Maidana has boxing’s most prestigious memory

Floyd Mayweather and ‘El Chino’ faced off twice in the squared circle in 2014. The 45-year-old boasts of an incredible defense as no fighter has ever knocked him down. However, Maidana did the unthinkable when he caught Mayweather with a clean forehand.

Due to this blow, Maidana seems to have knocked out Mayweather’s tooth. Since then, the Argentine has worn Mayweather’s tooth around his neck as a pendant.


Floyd Mayweather recalls the moment he almost got punched

4 days ago

Fans were in disbelief. Therefore, to prove it to everyone, Maidana posted the picture of the tooth on her Instagram.

It looks like the former welterweight champion still has the famous tooth around his neck as he proudly walks around wearing it. As a fan, he met him and asked him about it.

No one has ever achieved such an incredible feat in the history of sport. Taking trash-talk to another level.

Relive Mayweather vs. Maidana


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The first fight was billed as “The Moment” between Mayweather and Maidana, and it did not disappoint. Maidana put the five-division champion through his paces in this fight and nearly did the impossible. However, Mayweather defeated Maidana by decision.

In the sequel, billed as “Mayhem”, Mayweather really showed his true character and courage by convincingly defeating Maidana by decision. Although this is the fight where the fatal tooth comes from.


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What do you think of Marcos Maidana wearing Floyd Mayweather’s tooth around his neck? Let us know in the comments below.

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