Decatur graduate Janson Junk makes MLB debut with Angels

Janson Junk of Federal Way has reached the big leagues.

Junk, 25, made his Major League Baseball debut as a Los Angeles Angels pitcher on Sunday, September 5.

“It was amazing. I have worked most of my life to have this opportunity,” said Junk, a graduate of Decatur High School.[I had] a lot of nerves before I debuted, but once on the pitch it was all calm and I realized it was the same great game I had been playing all my life, just brighter lights and a bigger stage.

The Angels lost 7-3 to the Texas Rangers. Junk threw two strikeouts and one walks with one earned run in his first game on the mound.

Family and close friends were in the crowd on Sunday, cheering and wearing his name on their No.66 jerseys.

“It was great having all of my family and friends,” Junk said. “Sharing this moment with them meant the world to me. I sacrificed a lot for being away from them for so long, but making it pay off and also having them experience this achievement with me made it a special day.

After graduating from Decatur High School, Junk played baseball at Seattle University from 2015 to 2017. He was then drafted by the New York Yankees as a 22nd round draft in the NHL Draft. 2017.

He was traded to the Angels in late July and holds an 18-17 record with a 3.87 ERA in his four minor league seasons.

Janson Junk, a Decatur High School graduate, made his Major League Baseball debut with the Los Angeles Angels. Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Angels

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