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The reverse retro program may be restarting.

Several sources told The Athletic that the alternative jersey program could be back in the 2022-2023 season, which would be a welcome sight for many of the teams and managers who have spoken out about it.

“I can say that we are pushing for this,” said a Western Conference executive. “We’ve been pretty loud about it with the league, it’s something that I think would be great for all of us.”

“It’s going to happen,” said an Eastern Conference executive. “It’s coming back, I don’t know if the league is ready to formalize this. But I don’t see how they don’t.

These wouldn’t be the same jerseys that were sold in the first take on reverse retro, it would be another new look, and a team source has previously said his team has already designed and knows what the next one will look like. reverse retro jersey.

The original reverse retro schedule took place during the COVID-shortened 2020-21 season, which also included mostly empty buildings across the league. The league’s decision to stick with the original schedule length, a single season, drew criticism from teams who felt the true financial impact of reverse reverse was neutralized.

“We should have been able to use it this season, the sale of jerseys and other merchandise is heavily reliant on in-person traffic at games, without fans at games we couldn’t sell as much as we would have” , said a team. said the executive. “And if the team is not going to wear it again this season, you have retro reverse jerseys that the fans have bought that in theory they will never be able to wear while the team is wearing them.”

Some teams have had a more positive experience with reverse retro than others.

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