Are the Chargers’ uniforms the best in NFL history? How LA jerseys rank among the greatest of all time

Bolt up – at the top of the list.

When new NFL uniforms are announced, very few times have teams called their shot and actually made it. In fact, that can be said about the Chargers and their high-profile uniform revealed in 2020: social media upped the uniforms, and boy, oh boy, did they land it.

While Nike didn’t do the best (or worst) job with redesigning the NFL uniforms, the United Chargers instantly rose to the top of the list when they were revealed in 2021.

While it seems almost blasphemous to consider some of the best modern uniforms the NFL has to offer, here are a few other uniforms to consider:

The best NFL jerseys of all time


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It’s hard to argue that the Packers’ timeless, straightforward look isn’t one of the best NFL uniforms of all time. Green and gold are instantly recognizable, as is the helmet logo.

Also an underrated part of the uniform: the striped collar, which alone has kept the NFL from changing those classic duds.



The Chargers have always had the best uniforms in the NFL, and their 2020 redesigns instantly propelled them into the “greatest uniform of all time” discussion.

Everything about their powder blue jersey top works: the lightning, the colors, the font, the simplicity. At every measure of the phrase, they’re instant classics. It is a pure feast for the eyes.


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The Dolphins homecoming uniforms from the Ryan Tannehill years are still some of the best jerseys ever seen on the field.

They returned to the well this year to honor the late Don Shula with classic white flashbacks, which are equally sexy. They feature a slightly different shoulder band, but the colors and design still play just as well on the eyes.


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When the Rams began to push back flashbacks more and more often when they returned to Los Angeles, it was a welcome sight on the drab, boring navy blue and gold they were using.

The return of the classic royal blue and yellow look for the Rams is a bit like the uniforms of the Chargers, and the horned helmets are some of the best in the sport as well.


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There’s a reason the Raiders’ black uniform tops have remained largely intact throughout their history.

There is beauty in simplicity and the Las Vegas Raiders pull off the look beautifully, and they always have. Like the Chargers and Dolphins, it’s the perfect amalgamation of location, color scheme, and team name.


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The Buccaneers ‘creamy flashbacks are the best thing about the’ 70s Bucs team. They’ve endured so long, in fact, that fans are still clamoring to bring back orange and white as an alternative at some point. given in the near future.

The look stuck with the Buccaneers for the next two decades until it changed its look in the ’90s to be more in line with what you see today. Still, orange remains one of the best looks in the NFL.

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