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The word “analytical” is still used a lot without people understanding what it really means. We wanted to dig deeper into the Devils’ analytics approach: who is involved, how do they approach analytics, and also, how does the data inform some of the biggest questions facing the organization now and in the immediate future.

The Devils analysis department has expanded over the years and now includes five roles.

Leading the way is Vice President of Hockey Analytics Tyler Dellow and Director of Hockey Analytics Matt Cane, who specifically does a lot of the technical modeling and manages some of the infrastructure. Both were hired by the team in 2019.

The next recruit was data scientist Jared Lunsford. On a daily basis, his job involves working with the coaching staff to generate pre-game reports as well as some reports for their AHL affiliate.

This group is complemented by software developers Jon Fung and Craig Lewis. This duo created a web application accessible to internal members of the organization and allows them to gather information from both screening and analysis services, simultaneously mixing numbers and eye tests.

“Part of what happens with an analytics service is that you develop that knowledge. If it’s just locked in the group, it really doesn’t matter,” Dellow explained. This application gives the front office “all relevant information” throughout the decision-making process.

As for the data, for the Devils analytics department, it comes from a few sources. First, there’s standard NHL data.

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